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Author New Method Book
Glenn Martin

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Posted on 11-02-2014 19:22
Hello. I have written a new method book. More information may be found at Amazon site here:

(paste the above link into the address bar on your browser)

Here is a partial description of the method that is on the Amazon site:

"The Well-Tempered Trombonist - A Guide to Tonal and Aural Mastery"

This method is designed to help the trombone player in the following areas: - Playing in all keys with equal proficiency. - Improvising or composing melodies in all keys, regardless of style. - Transposing and Interval recognition. - Singing on your instrument like you can with your voice, regardless of keys. - Knowing your horn in terms of keys and tonality. - Being able to "hear your horn" - sensing in advance where the slide should move when creating or improvising music. - Playing by ear. Playing in keys without having to "think about the notes" or positions.

Other benefits: Increasing technique. Increasing range and endurance. Improving sight reading ability. Improving overall musicianship. Understanding the diatonic system of tonality.

This method helps the player through progressive exercises, to build the ability to know and hear one's horn and to be able to improvise, compose, or create melodies. The process involves memorizing small tonal scale fragments, phrases and songs in all keys, around the circle of 4ths & 5ths, (and other cycles), until they are automatized in the brain/ear/slide. . . just like memorizing words, vocabulary and phrases that can later be used for extemporaneous discussion on familiar subjects.

The goal is to make your horn like a part of your body, like your voice box, where you can just "sing" on it. The method helps the player to ingrain keys and tonality in his playing, thus allowing him to intuitively create music.

See introduction and example graphics of exercises under cover page (on Amazon site).

This edition will also work for Euphonium, Acoustic and Electric Bass, Bassoon, Cello, and other bass clef instruments in the same general range of the trombone. - - - Available soon for Treble clef, Low Bass clef, Mid Bass Clef, and Viola clef (alto) instruments.

Best wishes in your teaching and performance!
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